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About WMDR

WMDR was founded in 1991 by two white men who loved R.E.M. and thought running a radio station would help them "get chicks." While working together late nights at WMDR's original studios off on Printer's Row, they fell in love with one another. They confessed their feelings after hearing some very disturbing sounds during a 2AM programming session, sounds that seemed to be coming from the walls. They have since moved to Florida, left the station to these idiots, and bought a chicken farm. (So I guess, in a way, it did help them "get chicks.") We here at 102.2 are very happy for them.

A girl with a brown ponytail wears headphones and sits in front of a micrphone. The words "Our Fearless Producer" are written in red on the bottom left corner of the image.

Isabel Vázquez

Isabel Vázquez has been the producer and head of the programming department here at 102.2 WMDR since 2013. Supposedly some other people work here too, but she wouldn't know because she basically feels like she runs this place on her own and does everyone else's jobs for them. She denies the rumors that this station is haunted.

Leah Roth Barsanti

Is pretty useless actually. Her dad owns the building and is giving us a break on the rent because we let her hang around and because we agreed to put a giant picture of her face on our website. She thinks the building is for sure haunted, but she also doesn't know her left from her right most days.

A girl with a dark hair that blends into a dark background smiles at the camera. The word "Intern" appears in red on the bottom lefthand corner of the image.
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